Not just a glorified taxi service.

When i was growing up I often heard my mum say she felt like a glorified taxi service. I didn’t quite know what she meant. I mean what’s the big deal? I was a teenager who wasn’t old enough to drive so therefore needed my parents to taxi me about. I used public transport to get to and from school, but it was at the weekends and for the after school activities I needed my parents to taxi me about. It didn’t stop when I had passed my driving test at 17,  those after school clubs became pubs and still my parents services were needed, as they yet again played taxi at all hours of the day and night! 
My children haven’t even reached their teenage years and already the past few years I have played taxi service, I now know exactly what my parents meant all those years ago. As I sit and type this post, in I am our local leisure centre cafe. I am surrounded by school children huddled in groups talking or playing on their phones, parents with kids doing their homework. There are tables with one of two adults sitting chatting and then there are those parents, who like me are quietly wishing their life away as they sit and wait for their children to finish swimming, trampolining or gymnastics. 

As the weeks of the school year pass, the faces become familiar as it is the same thing we all do every week! To some like me  it’s an hour each week we will never get back. The leisure centre is to far away from home to drop off and collect later, too far away from the nearest shopping centre and it is winter so it is dark outside so better to stay inside and keep warm. To some it’s an hours peace and quiet, time to sit and watch the world go by, time to sit and have a coffee and chat with friends. To me it’s an hour were I find myself thinking abut the list of things I need to get done or making new list for tomorrow and the week ahead and better still, thinking about the next child I need to collect and drop off to the next activity.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t begrudge my children the opportunity  to go to clubs and attend organisations outside of school, after all I have no room to talk I did the same. But I do find myself every week why I don’t have a taxi sign on the roof of my car. Maybe my parents should have got one, they could have passed it on to me!   With three children there are lots of activities and clubs, life revolves around the kids.

I am a working mum,by that I mean I am employed and get a wage. Lets face it all mums are working mums whether or not they get a salary at the end of the month. I work because I have always wanted to have a career. I had all three of my children and worked right up to near their due dates and returned to work after my maternity leave was over. But I am struggling lately with the work/life/children balance. (A post for another day). Family life is busy no matter how many children we have. We are all juggling life. I often dream about that lottery win,  although I should start doing it if I ever stand a chance! 

So until that life changing lottery win I’m not sure if there are any ways around the much needed taxi service, so for now I shall battle on! I would love to hear from you if you have found yourself in a routine of work, kids sleep and how you kept the momentum going?