Stepping out in comfort for the school run! 

A few weeks ago as I was hurriedly running around like a mother possessed, buying the last of the school supplies and drowning in items of clothing to individually name. I was contacted by the lovely Tiffany from the health and wellness footwear brand, Strive.

She wanted to know if I’d try a pair of their shoes or boots from their new Autumn/winter range and let them know what I thought. I jumped at the chance. I chose a pair of boots in black; the Bamford. A classic, casual ankle boot developed with a lightweight sole that cushions and supports your feet.

Strive’s  sister company is Europe’s largest custom foot orthotic laboratory supplying the medical market. Together they have used this knowledge and experience to craft a unique contoured footbed (Biomechanical Footbed Technology™) into all of their footwear, which is designed to offer unrivalled comfort, help improved posture and help reduce harmful stresses on your feet and body.

I couldn’t wait to try mine! 

I have been wearing them now most mornings for the school run and for walks in the park with the children and I can honestly say that are the most comfortable boots I have owned in a very long time. You can feel the quality under your feet with the cushioned insoles and they really do support your foot. I’ll be happily wearing these on the school run this winter! Why not pop over to their website and checkout what they have to offer. 


*I was gifted these boots by Strive. All comments and opinions are my own*