The Little Book of Lykke

A couple of weeks ago as I sifted through my emails, a daily ritual over a fresh brew. I was excited to have received an email from Ruth at Penguin Life Publishers offering me the chance to review the new book by none other than Meik Wiking! Now if you follow me over on Instagram as Mumtothreelittlemonkeys you will know that I adore my books, anything from homes, interiors, cookery and self help books!

Meik’s first book “the Little Book Of Hygge, The danish way to live well.” Was a massive hit and was on The Sunday Times bestseller and The New York times bestseller lists. Not at all surprising as the nation grasped ahold of the concept, Instagram feeds and blog posts were full of all thing hygge. Candles, blankets, cosy fires and simple evenings spent with our nearest and dearest. I loved the concept of “Hygge” (pronounced “HUE-gah”) put simply is the Danish ritual of enjoying life’s simple pleasures.

The new book due to be released on general sale on the 7 September, arrived on my door step yesterday morning. Well when I say it arrived, I was fast asleep and the postman knocked my door so hard I thought the house was on fire! Hand delivered – no less and no need to rush off to the local post office with that dreaded red card in hand for a missed delivery!

It was totally worth the abrupt awakening!

This beautifully wrapped present is the latest book by the author Meik Wiking CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen. He has committed his life to finding out what makes people happy and in his last book concluded that Hygge is the magic ingredient.

In his new book The Little Book of Lykke, Meik looks at the concept of Lykke (Luu-kah) (n): Happiness.

The Little Book of Lykke

So what has this little book got in store for us?

I was excited to get the nicely wrapped parcel opened and start flicking through the pages. I haven’t been able to put it down since opening it. Like the first book The little book of Hygge, it is a beautifully presented book, wonderful illustrations an photos throughout. The contents of the book is decided into nine chapters,

1, The Treasure Hunt

2, How do you measure happiness?

3, Togetherness

4, Money

5, Health

6, Freedom

7, Trust

8, Kindness

9, Putting the pieces together.

In this book Meik takes us on a treasure hunt to unlock the doors to a good life. From how we spend our precious time, to how we relate to our neighbours and cook dinner. He has gathered evidence and stories and tips from around the world and put them together in this little book as the ultimate guide to how we can all find a little more lykke in our lives.

I’m already sure that this little book will become another go to book that will sit on my coffee table, that both my children and visitors alike will pick up for a read. It is available on general sale from the 7 September, and you can pre-order it on Amazon at the offer price of five pounds, I have added the link here, Little book of Lykke

I would love to hear what you think of Meik’s latest book!