New year and plenty of Christmas memories made!

I have neglected my blog for a few weeks. There just haven’t been enough hours in the day. 
Christmas holidays and kids off school for half-term made for a busy household. Nothing new there! 

On the run up to Christmas I find it difficult to get into the Christmas spirit. While everyone is itching to put their Christmas trees up as soon as December arrives, I on the other hand tend to wait until the last minute. I’m not sure what it is, whether it is the clutter of the decorations around the house, or my reluctance to just run with the excitement! However once in the mood for Christmas there’s no stopping me! 
When the children were born I decided we would have some Christmas traditions we would do each year. From the elves bringing the kids their new pyjamas in time for Santa arriving, to eating out with family on Christmas Eve to making Christmas cookies to give out to family and friends. Then there are the Christmas movies!! 
Everyone loves Christmas movies, don’t they? I’m one of those 30 something females who gets rather excited by the appearance of the Christmas channels on the sky planner!  There’s nothing quite like watching a Christmas movie to get you in the Christmas spirit.  There are many great Christmas movies out there from the Home Alone movies to Miracle on 34th Street. And let’s face it there is nothing nicer than sitting with the kids, snuggled in front of the fire under cosy blankets and eating popcorn, watching a movie!

This Christmas we had the pleasure of being invited to see a showing of the Polar Express in the wonderful surroundings of The Ulster Transport and Folk Museum. The Polar Express is a family favourite so we jumped at the chance!   It was arranged by the Pop up cinema club, a company that specialises in  cinema experiences in a variety of unique locations throughout the year. 

So off we went, on a dark December evening, dressed in our Christmas jumpers to the Transport Museum. The excitement levels were high, even for my eldest son who at 11 is a non-believer, but is more than happy to go along with the story of Santa for the benefit of his younger siblings. (Much to my relief.)
We parked the car up and made our way toward the museum. On arrival we were greeted by the friendly museum staff who issued our special tickets for the showing. 

As we made our way towards the train gallery we had our tickets punched in true Polar Express fashion! A conductor, complete with uniform and playing the part to the amazement of the children! 

The surroundings of the museum did not disappoint. 

Before the start of the movie the kids had the opportunity to play and explore some of the restored Trains that are housed at the museum. 

We had Hot Chocolate, Popcorn and Cookies during the showing. 

After the movie as the credits started to roll, a bell started to ring and the appearance of a certain man, dressed in his red suit appeared at the back of the hall! The children were ecstatic and ran to greet him. Santa with the help of the conductor greeted each child and gave them a little bell as a small memento of the evening. Santa was very good with all the children and happily posed for photos! 

We had a fantastic evening and an experience neither the kids or I will forget. Adding to our Christmas memories. 

To book tickets for special showings throughout the year & for further information go to Pop Up Cinema Club.



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Is it alright to talk Christmas?

I love the Autumn season, the colours the textures and the crisp leaves underfoot. It is the season that sees us swapping around our soft furnishings making way for the throws and pillows. You only need to go onto instagram to see the wonderful photos that fill our news feeds.

I love the Autumn, I do, the decorating trends that see us all lighting our candles and wrapping up warm and sitting in front of the fire! I have yet to read up on Hygge but I like what I see but I’m still on the Konmarie method of tidying and organising! It may take me until this time next year or maybe the next to complete it! 

So maybe it is the organiser in me that is thankful to see that halloween has now passed and the shops are filling up with their christmas ranges. I love to stay on track with my lists of thing I need to buy and the things I need to do in the run up to Christmas. If you have read my post Wannabe party planner, you will know that I have two birthday parties to organise in December too! 

I love buying from independent stores and supporting local when I can. During my search for the perfect christmas gifts I came across a beautiful page on Instagram The treasured, it is an online shop full of loveliness from British designers and makers. They stock everything from stationary, homeware and gifts. 

I fell in love with their beautiful personalised christmas range. 

Cute Yellow Penguin Christmas Gift Sack

I decided on a Christmas sack, personalised for each of the children. I’m only hoping Hubby won’t be too jealous he didn’t get one!

The sack is made from 100% natural cotton and features a choice of five cute penguin designs and a choice of colours. They are a generous size (w50cm x h75cm) perfect for the children’s smaller gifts and will look perfect beneath the christmas tree on Christmas morning!
Why not take a look over at The Treasured and see if you can help tick of some people on your Christmas Lists. And for a limited time they are offering free UK postage and packaging to my lovely readers and followers over on Instagram using the discount code LITTLEMONKEYS at the checkout!
Happy Shopping!