Christmas Gifts for teachers! 

For your mistle toes!!!
The month of December has passed rather hurriedly and with only two days left before the kids finish school for the Christmas break. The pressure was on to come up with a quick and easy gift to make for the teachers.

With three children all of school age, the amount of teachers, classroom assistants, and specialist teachers all add up so I always look for an easy to make present, that is not only simple to make but cost effective too! 
This year I decided with the help of Pinterest to make these simple nail polish and nail files gift bags for the teachers. 

You will need. 

Nail polish

Nail files

Gift tags

Small gift bags


For your mistle toes printable from

Firstly I printed out the “printable” on to white paper and cut it to size to fit the gift tag. If you are good at freehand lettering you could skip this stage and just write the message freehand.
For your mistle toes gift tag

Then I added a message in chalk pen to the back of the tag.

Add your message to the reverse

Now you are ready to wrap one nail polish and a nail file in your gift bag. You could add hand cream into your gift bag if you wanted to spend a little more. 
Ready to wrap
Finished teachers gift

Such a quick and easy gift to make for all the female teachers, classroom assistants. 

If you have male teachers to buy for, you could replace the nail polish and file with a pair of socks and still use the same tag! 
Happy making!!



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