Advent Calendar

Since I was a child I have had a love for finding driftwood at the beach and bringing it home to add to my collection. I have a few larger pieces that live in my garden and a small box of twig size pieces on display in my living room. Over on pinterest there are lots of ideas of things to make and plenty of ideas for christmas. I decided to make an advent calendar with one of the larger pieces from my collection.

This is what you’ll need, 

A large piece of driftwood or similar size branch, string, scissors and pens

(If you do bring home some beach finds be sure to give it a good wash or it will start to smell pretty quickly. I usually fill a bucket with a strong bleach solution and cold water and leave to soak for a few days.)

Start by adding string to each end of the Driftood to act as a hanger. Then carefully add 25 lenghs of string along the branch. You can make these different lengths to add interest to the finished calendar.


Now you are ready to decorate and add the numbers to your little envelopes. 

Once you have numbered the little envelopes you can add your chosen treat or task. 

I wanted the children to think about the run up to Christmas and enjoy the spirit of Christmas. There are plenty of examples of lists on Pinterest. But the kids were a little disappointed I hadn’t included chocolate. Then the lovely Christine from Flouringsdays gave me the idea to include a chocolate coin! 

So I carefully added a single chocolate coin to each of the envelopes once the kids had gone to bed!

I picked these little pegs up from our local pound world but you could pick them up from any good craft supply shop. I used these to attach an envelope to the end of each of the strings.


And there you have it! Such a simple idea for the festive season. You can add foliage of your choice to decorate.
Happy Christmas 



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