Pallet Tree!

Today marks the last day of November and tomorrow I can talk about Christmas as much as I want! The man of the house says its too early to talk christmas in November so instead I have been slipping a few christmas touches into the house. A few strings of  fairy lights.  You can never have enough fairy lights in my opinion anyway! And a few christmas berries on the mantle.


I love crafts and any excuse to make something for the festive season I’m all over it! I work in a day centre and we love crafts and always make cards and gifts to send home. This year we made simple christmas cards using plain white cards with little gift tags from the store, Tiger. We mounted the tags on to green card and added some glitter! Simple!

Greeting cards made using gift tags from the Tiger Store

I love Pinterest and for years I have been gathering and pinning images of things you can make with a wooden pallet. So this year I was determined to make a pallet tree just in time for the festive season. 

I am a novice when it comes to power tools so if I can do it anyone can.

What you’ll need-

A pallet of any size
A jig-saw or ordinary saw, hammer, ruler and chalk for marking.

Then you can begin. I had my 5 year old to help me! Lay the pallet on the ground with the planks of wood running horizontal, count up from the bottom, using the claw on your hammer, remove the second plank completely. This will expose the central batton and will form your tree trunk.   The third plank is going to be the bottom branch if you want to call it that of your tree. Using the chalk and ruler you need to draw two lines down from the centre of the pallet to the outer edge of the third plank. 

Mark the pallet with chalk so you can see where you need to cut.
Mark the pallet with chalk so you can see where you need to cut.
Once you have marked out the outline for your tree you can begin to cut. Be sure to wear safely goggles when you are cutting the pallet as the wood is rather cheap and will splinter easily.

Using the chalk as a guide to cut
Cut the pallet carefully up both sides of your triangle. Then you are ready to cut the very bottom plank on both sides to form your stand. Using your chalk and ruler measure equal distances and at both sides of your tree trunk and cut with saw or jig-saw. 

You will need to turn your pallet over (depending on the size of it you might need help to do this ). Once turned over you can make the same cuts to the bottom plank at the back. Now that all your cuts have been made, your tree will be free to lift from the pallet. You will also need to make two cuts to the top plank at the back of the stem.

Once all the cuts have been made your tree will be free
There you have it, your pallet tree. I am going to set mine on the front step and decorate it with fairy lights and a star at the top!

Pallet tree is ready to decorate
I’d love to see what you come up with! 

Happy crafting

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