I love making lists!

Another week another obsession! My head is always spinning, juggling ideas, endless lists of things to do, things I want to achieve around the house. The lists for things I want to organise for the children, upcoming birthday parties and celebrations and that is all before I start on the list of essential things that need done. Making Doctors appointments, booking the car into the garage for its yearly service, sorting homeworks, play dates, paying the bills, booking the chimney sweep, the shopping list. Lists are great, however let it be said, even when I have a list of things to do or that I have organised I still get it wrong! 

Cue this morning it was 9am.  I was still in bed, as was hubby after working the late shift. The boys were playing the Xbox quietly in their room and the door bell rang! It was the man to service the boiler. The poor man was greeted at the door by a rather,dragged though a bush backwards, still in pj’s tired me and a Yorkshire terrier who thinks he is a German shepherd barking like crazy. I quickly apologised and got my eldest son to make him a cup of tea while I hurriedly got dressed so I could show him where our boiler was!   

Weekly planner
My love of making lists could be described as procrastination! Procrastination describes me to a T! The eternal procrastinator. The act of avoidance, putting of doing a task that needs to be completed. The act of doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, or carrying out less urgent tasks instead of more urgent ones – That’s me!! 

But it’s all good, I have lists, to do lists! Everything will get done in the end. 

Image from Pinterest
With a recent spell of ill health, I have had more time to procrastinate. With enforced rest, Dr’s orders, I have found myself making more lists than ever and if I can add a Pinterest board to accompany my list I am on to a winner! 
This week it is Autumnal Wreaths.   My friend  Christine from http://flourishingdays.com/ and I have been inspired by the lovely Emma from http://www.lifeatthelittlewood.co.uk/ to have a go at making our own wreath. Emma recently attended a wreath making workshop with her husband and they made stunning wreaths. 

So I have been pinning away on Pinterest http://pin.it/eovU0a9 adding inspiration for my wreath! 

Here are some of my favourites. I’m hoping we will be able to achieve something worth hanging on the front door. 



There are so many beautiful wreaths and excellent tutorials and YouTube videos showing examples of how to make your own. 

So Christine and I are going to make our wreaths later on in the week. I will keep you posted on how we get on. For now I will continue to add to my lists and if you have any tips for wreath making I would love to hear from you.



8 thoughts on “I love making lists!

  1. If you ever work out how to organise and schedule everything well, let me know and you can teach me!!
    I suck at life so much sometimes. I have two kids and can’t seem to get my head around everything. And unfortunately kids don’t seem to like to be organised. Bah.

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  2. No tips I bought an autumnal wreath from home sense. However as we have not moved back in yet I have nowhere to hang it so I look longing at the box labelled Autumn wreath ha!
    I have booked onto a Christmas wreath and garland course at the end of November so if I pick any tips up then I’ll let you know 🙂 good luck with yours! – can’t wait to see it x

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  3. I’m the same! I have lists coming out of my ears after a few months with a neck/shoulder issue! Hoping to get at least one list finished before Christmas! Lol. I think I need to start writing things I have already done on my lists! Just to be able to tick something off 😉

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