An achievement on a grand scale.

On the 26th of September 1946 at Townsend Presbyterian Church, Belfast a 20 year old Elizabeth married 22 year old Henry a young man she had met on the train 4 years previously. This couple are such a special couple and my hubby has been lucky to have them in his life as his grandparents.

Their Wedding Photo, taken at a photographers a few days after their ceremony.

70 years, 25550 days, 613,200 hours. They have been blessed with 2 children, 5 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren. 70 years is an epic achievement in today’s standards and a rarity that couples get to celebrate their platinium wedding anniversary.
At 90 an 92 years of age and still very much in love, it was the perfect chance to organise an anniversary dinner for them . We choose the same location as we had celebrated 5 years previously for their 65th Anniversary, The Old Inn, Crawfordsburn. A small boutique hotel in the picturesque village of Crawfordsburn. We had their anniversary dinner in the White Suite and a special day it was. 

We choose yellow as the theme as Nanny had yellow roses in her original bouquet all those years ago. It was also the perfect opportunity for me to play at party planner. A job i would love to do in another life!

I encouraged the whole family to eat jam on their toast for weeks leading up to the event as I collected, washed and soaked the labels of the 20 or more jam jars. I pinned away on pinterest in the evenings collecting ideas to decorate the room for the occasion. I sat with the children as we copied and cut photos and played with the laminator ( something all good teachers have, or so I am told By Reubyn aged 5). And glueing lace on to jars and tying ribbon. We had great fun.

I created a  memory tree and achievements board ( complete with a mistake, I couldn’t add how many great-grandchildren they had despite listing them all by name). For the tree I made copies of photographs from their wedding album and laminated them to hang on this tree I purchased from Hobbycraft last year. You can get similar here I also purchased cardboard letters from hobbycraft The knitted bride and groom had been borrowed from their Granddaughter Julie. The table flowers were made with the jam jars trimmed with a selection of lace, ribbon and twine and filled with freshly cut flowers. My kitchen resembled that of a flower market that morning!

They recieved a card from Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.

I’m not sure I will live until I am seventy years of age or see a wedding anniversary with so many years!  I had great fun playing “wedding Planner” and I feel very blessed to have had this wonderful couple in my life for the past 16 years and my children are very lucky to have great grandparents to tell them stories and share in their lives.

Happy Anniversary Harry and Lilly xxx

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