Painted Pumpkins and the rest! 

With Halloween just over a week away, I have been working on the decorations for our home. 

Inspired by the Americans and their love of Autuminal decor. Beautifully decorated porches and verandas. I almost want to move over right now and buy that New England style home just so I can decorate my very own porch! 

Those of you who follow me over on Instagram know I don’t have that porch or veranda but I do have a fireplace. So with that in mind I have decided to come up with Pinterest inspired painted pumpkins instead. 

I adore the white pumpkins and gourds that are flooding my Instagram feed that past week or so. But it is virtually impossible to get them here in Northern Ireland unless you are fortunate to pick one up at the local garden centre. So traditional orange it is!! And they are in plentiful  supply at our local Supermarket. I let the children pick their own and this is what they came up with! 

Daddy, Mummy and baby pumpkin! All ready to paint! 

To paint the pumpkins I used Annie Sloan chalk paint in pure and black poster paint. 

I washed the pumpkins to remove any loose dirt and dried them well with kitchen paper. 

And then I set to work, I applied one thin coat of chalk paint to the largest pumpkin.

And then adding black poster paint to some of the white chalk paint I made some dark grey paint for the next pumpkin.

I used old jam jars to balance the pumpkins on to allow me to paint underneath them. 

Then I added more black poster paint to make a darker grey for the last pumpkin and a butternut squash! 

Such an easy craft idea and I am so pleased with the results!! 

Why not have a go at painting some pumpkins this year. A lot less hassle than carving!! 



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