Wannabe Party Planner! 

I love a good party! Who doesn’t? Presents, balloons, decorations, sweets, cake! You have to have cake.

Since the kids came along I made the decision that we would celebrate each birthday with a party and cake! Now when I say a party I’m not one of these mums who has a birthday party and invites the whole class. Although I can say that each of the kids had that one party in their nursery year. We had their birthday party celebration at our local  soft play area, invited 30+ kids, entertained, I mean played referee for an hour filled them with more E numbers than their little bodies could manage and sent them on their way an hour or so later with a party bag and cake! 

Personalised water bottles and cupcake favours instead of party bags.

Ikea partyware and wrapping paper used on top of a plain tablecloth.

Fast forward a few years and numerous birthdays later I still love a good party. I love the excitement from the kids when they ask what type of cake I’m I getting this year? 

So with 2 December birthdays and 1 in January I usually start my birthday planning in October. 

Although a tip if you want to save the pennies, I buy up partyware thoughtout the year when I see it go on sale or end of line clearances in the supermarket and store it in my party box! I make my own cakes and decorate them (I’m no professional but the kids are always delighted and that’s what counts) I use everyday crafts and art supplies to decorate. I have even used a black bin liner to cut out a bat for a batman themed party! 

So with a daughter who is turning 9, a hubby who is the big 40 and a son who will be 6 I have some planning to do! 

Any hints or tips would be most appreciated and cost cutting money saving ideas are most welcome!!! 

So for now I’m away to do some pinning over on Pinterest .
Claire x
#party #partyplanning #cake #kidsbirthdays #birthday #birthdayparties 

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